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Life is a series of journeys. As one journey ends another one begins… it’s never ending. We focus so much on goals, making us goal orientated, loosing sight of our moments and missing out on major opportunities. We focus so much on the trophy and not our way to it.

But what’s strange is that once you get to that finish line or get the trophy. It’s the start of a new journey. The first just ended and second one begins almost immediately just given you a minute or two to soak in the glory of the last one before reality sets in: another phase, another goal, another trophy to get, and guess what another journey. 

You see yourself wishing for a dream job, you go through the process of sending your CV, developing yourself and so on. Voilà! you get the job, you won the trophy! Journey has ended. Then you wish to pass the probation period, you do your best. Your job is confirmed, journey has ended a new one starts. You want the promotion, you do what it takes to get the promotion. You are promoted you want another and another. Then you need to maintain the job. So as one trophy is won another journey starts never ending I say…

Is like that in marriage, relationships, businesses, friendships, raising kids, there is no ending. So why not spend time savouring the journey, stopping to smell the roses, not holding our breath till we reach our goals as there will be so many breaths to hold and we might end up never letting in air or breathing.

The joy is really in the journey not in the end goal. Imagine life becoming more fun once you perceive things in that way, there will be no hurry, no holding of happiness and no putting your life on hold till you get there. You will understand that you are constantly growing, evolving, learning to live in the moment and living is NOW!