When I  start my own business then I’ll be happy, when l’ll get married then I’ll be happy, when I have a baby then I’ll be happy, when I’ll graduate then I’ll be happy, when I get a job then I’ll be happy, when my kids leave the nest then I’ll be happy, list is endless…


These words are a mantra we repeat to ourselves on a daily basis we keep putting our joy and happiness on hold waiting for an event, project to finish or occur.

During the journey to get there we hold our breath only hoping to breathe happiness once our destination is reached….

Then suddenly we reach there and realise is not what we expected…   The joy and excitement we were expecting is not quite there and we end up getting bored, looking for the next best thing….

It’s like a dog chasing its own tail or we chasing our own shadow,  its never really caught but only a glimpse of it is felt and suddenly it disappears leaving an insatiable appetite that is hoped to be satisfied in an event , person or thing in the near future.

But the truth suddenly stares us in the face and we realise that we create our own happiness by embracing life as its presenting to us right here and now…. Not how we wish life to be or in some future events…. Learning the art of contentment on our journey to the next level… these are the little secrets to peace and joy…  like I say” I do not want the peace that passeth understanding  I want the understanding which bringeth peace.