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A brief recap on what we discussed last week, the big question was “how young are you? really?” bearing in mind we are multidimensional Age beings… Most of us by default think of our chronological age(the day and year we were born) we do not consider other dimensions of our ages like biological age(how our body ages), emotional age(how we deal with conflict and our emotions), social age(where are we right now in our lives), psychological age,(how we feel, our outlook on life) intellectual age(are we evolving and moving with the times), functional age(a combination of all these dimensions that give you the holistic picture of the person).. If you missed out on last week’s post you can click on the link below
part 1


Today I will discuss the myths  surrounding age

(1) Myth: You are your chronological age.

Everyone who has been on earth the same amount of time has the same chronological age, but they don’t all have the same biological age. Your biological age is based on how well your body functions, including blood pressure, weight, bone density and cholesterol levels. A healthy 40-year-old who takes care of herself may be biologically no older than a 30-year-old who does not. You can lower your biological age with exercise and good nutrition amongst other things.. Which I will focus on the next post.

(2)Myth: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Meaning the older you are the more set you are in your ways, not flexible resistant to change and  unable to adapt to new situations. People of any age can be inflexible. Increased age does not make a person inflexible. The opposite is true.

At any age, you could learn a new language, dance or musical instrument.

If the old dog wants to learn new tricks, it can. What is required to learn a new trick is a sense of a purpose, an intention and a flexible nature?

Try new things test the waters no matter your age… your chronological age should never hold you back

(3)Myth: Teenagers are irresponsible.

Like nearly everyone, teenagers behave as society expects them to behave.

Generally speaking, teenagers are not only responsible but also adventuresome, if not by their hormones alone, in an almost perpetual state of excitement and risk taking. Because of their “raging hormones,” teenagers tend to be all over the place.   Teenagers are fuelled with conflicting behaviours. The behaviours that are complimented and appreciated the most can become the ones which will be remembered and developed further during the later years in life.

(4) Myth: Children should be seen and not heard.

Children should be seen and listened to, nurtured, hugged and reasoned with. Children need to be given a centre stage stance; they also need to learn to take back seat. A healthy balance in determining when, where and how to give a child the attention she needs will help to create a responsible, confident and  rational adult.

(5)Myth:  Dress your age

I say dress your attitude not your age

Society seems to impose the  concept of age-appropriate dressing. The basic idea is as follows: The older you get, the more conservatively you should dress. Colour and flamboyance are for young people. Restraint, propriety and formality are for elders. For some reason it was decided that once a person hits  a certain chronological age , they should ditch that metallic snakeskin disco purse and start dressing like depressed librarians.

I believe that the older you get, the more bolder and playful you should become in your dress. Do not allow yourself to be inhibited by someone else’s notions of good taste and bad taste.

We are living in a fashion-obsessed universe.   What a ridiculous thought!  If it looks good on you go for it! Wear what you feel comfortable in, no matter what it looks like to others!

(6) Myth: Marry before a certain age..

For women they say biological clock is ticking… For men they say “he is weird” In general if  people after a certain age are not married it seems something is wrong with them… do they actually mean chronological, biological, psychological age in the real sense… how are they measuring here? whatever… we all have a choice as to when, whether or not we want to get hitched… society should not determine this and  put pressure on us….

 (7)Myth: Your sex life will deteriorate.

For men as well as women, sex drive is mainly generated in the head. They are factors such as stress, fatigue, medical conditions and tensions within a relationship which can affect your sex drive at any age . So as long as you can think sexually and communicate your needs and desires, you can remain sexually active, which may not always involve intercourse, but can include plenty of other intimate activities.

(8) Myth: How long you live depends on your genes.

You cannot pick your parents, so you are stuck with the genes you were born with. But how those genes are expressed depends in part on how you live your life. Your thoughts, emotions, lifestyle and how you cope with stress go a long way in determining whether certain genes are turned on or off. This means you have the power to nurture the good genes and prune back the bad ones. For example, you may be genetically disposed toward diabetes, high blood pressure, but whether you actually get diabetes depends largely on your lifestyle, including sleep, diet and stress levels. Likewise, you probably won’t get lung cancer if you don’t smoke, even if you do have a cancer gene.

(9) Myth:  Metabolism slows down as you age

It’s true that your metabolism slows down with your chronological age, but it is not inevitable. It occurs because people become less physically active as they age. Research shows that people who preserve their physical activity levels throughout their lifetime can expect to see only a 0.3% metabolic decline per decade. — Only a 1% to 2% total drop over their whole lifetime.

(10) Myth:  Because you are older you are more matured and wiser

Your chronological age does not  guarantee  maturity it is your perception, experience and outlook on life amongst other things that make you a person of wisdom…

Food for thought

All these myths put you in a box and make you believe this is how you are supposed to be or act at certain stages in your life once you reach there chronologically..  We end up acting and thinking this way and create our own reality…. Our thoughts and actions make us who we are. we  become our thoughts, so great! is the power of the mind….