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The mind  is a chatter box… Never stops, never lives in the moment, the now, the present.  Always busy with thoughts, images of what it cannot perceive with the 5 senses…


Lives in the past and future, analysing, preconditioned  in its way of thinking….   No new perspective, lives in a  suitcase of old memories or the mystery of the future, suffering from a belief system that has been ingrained in the subconscious…..  In a nutshell the mind is trapped in its own prison.

Run from the chattering mind by listening to the wisdom of the soul, intuition! Yes that’s the name,  it connects with the higher self… living in the now.  The soul sees things as new. It looks for new experiences in every moment including the old and the new.

It lives in the moment…process not outcome orientated …. It does not put the end before the beginning… it knows that life is a journey not a destination.  Joy is  in the process, character is built! Lessons are learnt!

The mind judges, pigeon holes, labels: circumstances, people as fat, low-class,ugly,stupid… Loosing the opportunity of having a new experience, its closed minded, scared to challenge its embedded belief system or culture.

The mind plays out negative emotions like an endless loop… stealing joy and happiness.

Be an observer of the chattering mind, seeing things anew while encountering  the old or the new, searching for new experiences within  circumstances, going with the flow of life, stopping all labelling from past memories or prejudices.  Referring to the future or past when need be and quickly coming back to engage in the Now… The present should not be a means to the future or reliving of the past, no it should not be…

Enjoy life living in the moment therein lies peace, joy, love.  That is when connection with the infinite  is truly felt, definitely NOT in the chattering mind…