I have recently noticed in our society a growing breed of lazy men becoming” house husbands”…. They stay at home all in the name of doing “business” the nature of their business could be straight hustling, pursuing government contracts, real estate, oil and gas, politics just to mention a few.


The funny thing is that it is not only in my dear country Nigeria but also common amongst Nigerians in diaspora…  I see their wives climbing the corporate ladders, becoming nurses, having stable jobs while the said husbands stay at home pretending to pursue a dead end business, becoming comfortable in shirking responsibilities and allowing their so called wives to take it all,  yes all the bills and they are okay with it… phew!

Where are their values, culture, why are they exhibiting such behaviour, are they trying to adopt a western culture in a very bad way….. is it their upbringing, peer pressure, or they are living in a fantasy land… what is the answer?

There is a motto I live by.. Don’t hate or despise your day job if your passion or talent has not translated into a regular income you can live comfortably on…  There are no rules on this earth that say’s you cannot have it as a hobby… stop thinking self-employment is the answer to all things… because you do not want to answer yes sir to your boss..

Remember as you become self-employed your new bosses will be your service contracts and the public because the transfer of payment of salaries have left your Ex employer to them(Who are now your customers) I say hold on and love your 9 to 5 job for now…  This is the bitter truth..

Back to our so called “house husbands..”  maybe they fell into this trap of dreaming about being self-employed… following their dreams or finding a path outside the 9 to 5 job… without taking the time to see if it translates into money they stubbornly cling on to the old adage “never, never, never give up…” hence shirking responsibilities while at it and loading the poor wives with their burden…

So it might be 10 years since their last paid job or contract… but pride being a nasty thing.. they never want to start over, never want to go back to paid employment and we women keep enabling laziness and  the so called fantasy….

So women now become the sole breadwinner resenting every moment  but hiding behind a false smile,  to keep their homes and stay married and hence create a vicious cycle which will be hard to break without dire consequences…

So I leave this thought with all of you especially our Nigerian men…

“If your dreams have not translated into money please don’t hate your day job… maintain it and make your passion your hobby for now”

For now…  sometimes dreams/passion do translate into money with hard work and time..  don’t want to be a killjoy but  at this moment make the above quote your mantra for the day….

My thoughts what are yours?