Greed is one of the seven deadly sins that affects us in every area of our lives… it is something we cannot ignore.


What is greed?  

A selfish or excessive desire for more than is needed or deserved, especially of money, wealth, food or other possessions… other names for greed include avarice, covetousness and cupidity.

Greed cultivates an overwhelming desire for more wealth and materialism.  Greed is insidious by nature

Greed is not limited to wealth accumulation.  It is also hoarding, refusing to share, withholding information and not using your gifts for the betterment of society.

Greed is the magnet to the evil villain in all of us.

Greed has no limit, and it has no guide lines. In society, greed can tear each citizen apart

What are the effects of greed?

Selfish: Greed equates to excessive selfishness, a constant yearning for more than you have, typically with no regard for others or thought about the consequences of your choices…  The true danger of greed is that one becomes so obsessed with the object of his or her desire that it becomes the only thing that is important. Someone possessed by greed develops tunnel vision and in that tunnel, they can see only their own selfish desire.

Health:  Greed affects our health when we overeat… If we do not eat out of hunger or we don’t stop eating when we reach satiety point we become obese and obesity causes a lot of health issues like diabetes type b high blood pressure, cardiac arrest etc. This strongly affects the quality of our lives and decreases our life expectancy.

Greed fixates you on acquiring substitutes: rather than on releasing your true self-expression. Quality of our work in terms of talent: when we become greedy we sale the quality of our work for quantity, like a good artist making music he focuses more on the commercial market instead of the quality of his music he has no attention to detail, it’s now a fast food culture.   Look at the music of the 80s, 90s, 70s it had more quality. Nollywood movies is another example too many sequels no attention to producing just one good quality movie.

Mass production:  The hallmark of greed is the substitute of artifice for something with true artistic value. Examples where fake goods are substituted for real goods… most of the made in China products are passed on as the real deal.  Greed is rampant in the goods industry. The option to buy a cheaper quality of a product at a reduced price is taken away from us because the fake ones are passed as the genuine product and put at a higher price. Selling of mixed diesel, fake drugs etc.

Sexual obsession: if your greed is fixated on sexuality it turns into sexual obsession, pervertism, deviating in to all sorts because you cannot satisfy your sexual hunger. Also wanting to have every guy or girl on the street all because of greed.

Relationships: If you are a greedy person, your demands in a relationship are great but your willingness to satisfy the needs of others is limited. You become so selfish with your feelings. And only want to satisfy your desire, you want attention and complain when it’s not given to you, you end up having an affair

You desperately need the love of your mate but are resentful and hostile toward her or him for not always delivering what you need. Your resentment undermines the relationship while your greed drives your partner away.

Relationships cannot tolerate greed for long. Greed is designed by its very nature to ambush relationships and destroy them. The two are by nature incompatible.

Corruption: Greed for money and power breeds corruption in the government, educational institutions, hospitals, companies, churches.   Bribery and corruption becomes the order of the day because the participants have a greedy appetite to feed they take advantage of their positions in office and manipulate the system by taking bribes, engaging in fraudulent activities, embezzlement, sexual harassment, bullying, inflating expenses, the list is endless.   So being in certain positions of power only creates opportunities to feed the dragon called greed.

Being in debt: Greed makes you to live beyond your means… you will always be in the state of “I want I want and I got to have it” like a toddler throwing its tantrums. It does not matter whether you can afford it.  We find ourselves borrowing   to feed this greed and end up in debt.  Examples unnecessary shopping sprees, buying a bigger car, big wedding to show off etc.

Family/ marriages: when one puts material things before friendship and family it destroys the relationship. Example if a spouse focuses on material things solely for themselves and not sharing, if one of them or both married for money or power. It is also a travesty to discover siblings become whole different people once greed sets in, example when a parent dies and leaves a Will they contest it. There is a lot of conflict in the background because they are disgruntled about their share in the WILL.

Destroys young companies: A greedy MD/CEO who has no interest in building the company but only satisfying his or her immediate need ends up destroying the company all in the name of greed and impatience.

Leads to impatience: when you are greedy you don’t have the patience to grow in your career you will want to reach the top of the ladder right now without going through the process. You start cutting corners which only leads to disaster

Spiritual institutions: Greed has affected a lot of spiritual and religious institutions. Congregants are manipulated into giving their money through misconstrued spiritual words… Even greed has driven the followers to believe that the more they give to their religious houses the more they get… God is seen as a stockbroker a financial investor… Lip service is given to spiritual fruits and moral values… it’s all about prosperity albeit prosperity. Leaders use the church funds to sponsor their ostentatious lifestyles.

Unhappiness: Greed leads down a dark path of being unsatisfied and unhappy because you are forever chasing your tail, grasping at shadows and only temporally trying to fill a bottomless pit, you become a slave to your possession.

Death: people kill for material things… e.g. armed robbery etc.

The effect of greed is in all fabric of our lives we cannot bury our head in the sand and pretend it is not there. Everywhere you look it’s there rearing its ugly head in different forms…even our leaders who we too often complain about reflect the majority of us, the dragon called greed is always lurking around waiting to take its next victim. It’s so easy to get sucked up in its hole so be aware   and be careful it does not take you by surprise…

Watch out for the 2nd part of this series..  How can we manage greed in ourselves?