Overcoming greed requires a lot of effort and discipline. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. It’s all a matter of taming your ego. An important reminder for all of us watching greed play out in the media: Where there’s greed, there’s danger but the question is how can we slay the dragon or tame it?


Being in the moment: when your mind is focused in the moment you work towards what you need at that particular time. You are not focused on the past or the future they are just used as reference points. You do not live in the mind. You are in the here and now.  You don’t accumulate so much because of fear of the future or a mistake you made in the past, you learn to trust that you have all you need right now which tames the dragon.

Gratitude: when you have a spirit of gratitude it curbs greed because you are content wherever you are… you are grateful for the little you have while striving to get to the next level, you are patient and realise that everything comes to us at the right time. You understand life is a process and we need to be at peace at what level we are while getting to the next one.  We should also note that most of the stuff we have right now some people are praying every day and night begging the creator to grant to them that which you have… going out of your comfort zone and seeing poverty around you going to the hospitals, going for burials makes you appreciate life and health, understanding that chasing material things does not bring you peace but only pain… you also repel things when you become greedy it is like a dog chasing its tail. Attachment to external stuff only succeeds in making you its slaves and forces you to do its bidding.

Raising our children: instilling better values in our children only helps make them better adults… stop giving in to their toddler tantrums, throwing  them toys whenever they are bored or you feel guilty that you are not spending enough time with them.   Teach them that material things are not everything that there is more to life; teach them to be caring, considerate etc.

Who I’m I in the mist of all this: how do you define yourself,  if your definition is coming outside of  yourself like your status, your religion, material things, wealth, money. What you own on this earth, you are making the biggest mistake… our true essence comes from within us which is our authentic self Not what we have externally.

Question your actions: sometimes we mean well but we always get side tracked on the way,  the issue is to spend time reflecting and question your actions regularly ask yourself questions like, why I’m I doing this, why did I act this way, what were my intentions, I’m I following the crowd, does this resonate with me?. Always remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

 Our spiritual and religious houses: They should focus more on fruits of the spirit, beat the drum on laws of karma and life after death so we become more aware of the journey of the soul not the flesh… We should be conscious that our journey on earth is temporal, material things we come and go. It is what we are left with after death that truly matters in the long run; we are not going with anything because we came with nothing.

Fasting or abstinence in all contexts: We should have a method of fasting or abstaining from the things we love it helps us appreciate our stuff when we have it… Example you fast on food,  television, social media, shopping sprees , eating out etc….you find out when you do those things sparingly  or have less of them you appreciate them more, you won’t get bored so easily, everything in small doses.. This helps curb greed. It’s so easy to deceive yourself in this area that the more you have the happier but in real sense the more you have the less appreciative you become of them.

Kindness:   when you are kind you are a considerate person it curbs greed in every way.  You will carry this motto around like a badge “I am my brother’s keeper…”  You will always find a way to help with the excess you have or consider people when you are in an advantageous position… as John F. Kennedy  says , ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. That’s puts you in a mode of kindness, paying tax, having a communal spirit, contributing in all ways to society be it your gift or talent and less of hoarding if you are not using it give it away by asking yourself if I really need this stuff or is there someone that might value it more than me, be fair in business dealings even if you are out to make a profit.

Opening a business is a good thing in our society because you create a forum for able bodied men/women to use their skills and talent for the betterment of society and in return they are given a fee known as salary.  This fee feeds families all over and helps circulate money round the country…. Money is not laundered or hoarded.  It also nice for our religious houses to use the contributions in their establishments to help the poor and needy this reduces excess and curbs ostentatious lifestyles among the leaders.

Satiety point in food: food one of the many areas the dragon lurks. Everyone is guilty of this we reach our satiety point and never stop we want to keep eating till we are blue in the face and feel uncomfortable, we eat most of the time out of greed.. If we begin to listen to our bodies and know when to stop or when we are hungry greed can be managed here. We are entitled to indulge every now and then… but the issue here is that we have the tendency to over indulge.

Checks and balances: if we have checks and balances in our system its curbs greedy tendencies when you are aware of the consequences you think twice before doing a selfish act especially in the area of corruption in our establishments.

Living within your means: living within your means and being content curbs greed.   When you try to be like The Joneses it only encourages you to accumulate more than you need your wants become insatiable you are forever thinking how you will fund your new lifestyle.

Material things will come and go. A good reputation will allow you to sleep well at night. Meditate on these words and live a happy, good life without the negative effects of greed.