I have an open mind we all scream but have we sat down to analyse what it is to be open minded

Being open minded means seeing things from a new perspective, no judgments no prejudice, no labelling, accepting that even though your way of seeing things could be correct there is a possibility we could be wrong…. It is about questioning our belief system when the need arises…. It is also about accepting people despite their differences


Open mindedness broadens our horizon, we learn new things, we see that things can be done another way, we see the world in a new way, life becomes more interesting, it becomes a daring adventure…

We learn to try things we have never done before, it helps us grow and exposes us to other peoples way of thinking, it helps us form new friendship as we can now see things from their own perspective we don’t always have to agree with them but we can respect their views and know there is always another way of looking at things.

When you are open minded you realise there is always 2 sides to a story, nothing really is black and white, life is full of grey areas and we can never stop learning till we leave this earth.

Open mindedness is also a sign of a matured spirit, it has nothing to do with age as lots of people who are matured in age are so closed minded and refuse to learn anything new they belief they have seen it all and their way of thinking is the right way…. If only they know they are missing out on so many opportunities and wisdom…. another sign of maturity is  having an open mind, recognising that everyone you meet is a potential teacher, you will never have all the answers,  you should look at things every day with a fresh mind even though  you  have experienced it before…. There is always a new lesson to learn and to add to your wisdom…. Remember the world is ever evolving… Keep learning, keep an open mind it creates exposure

To follow God you also have to have an open mind, cause we never know how God will act, there is a saying in the bible that his ways are not our ways his thoughts are not ours,… in my way of seeing things he can use anyone anything to get you to your goal… if you close your mind and always think things will happen at a certain time and way… you will go through life miserable and frustrated.. You will lose out on the joy and opportunities life has to offer.

It’s good to have a discerning spirit while having an open mind, as I’m not saying you should compromise your values and ethics… just having an open mind means seeing things a little differently and seeing what’s out there

If you refuse to have an open mind, you refuse to examine opportunities when they are presented, you only end up getting frustrated and angry and never evolving or moving to the next level because you are dead set on things happening  in a certain way…. Phew!!! Frustrating

If you want change or if you want to improve certain aspects of your life then you have to keep an open mind.

It could be scary delving into the unknown leaving our comfort zone we cling too much to our belief system and never question it, we need to always when faced with a conflict  ask  ourselves if this works for us, we should note our belief system is handed to us through our religion, society, parents, grandparents ,peer groups etc.

Being open minded encourages us to question what we already know and see if it serves us if not we try something different.

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
–Frank Zappa