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I know everyone will be thinking what the hell! is she on about….

but I’m going on about a guy meets a girl and dates her once or twice or just a couple of times and suddenly. . He says the L word.. you know “I love you” urrrrrgh… and u don’t even known the person. .


Then comes the incessant text messages every hour of the day… how he misses  you… but hang on a minute he  just spoke to you 30mins ago..

Then you are  plagued with  expensive gifts, flowers and constant calls and you have only known each other for a week!!

Jeeze and the icing on the cake… he speaks of you getting married, having kids and kids names… and you have only been on 2 dates!!! Alarm bells!!!

Guys this is a turn off! It shows you are needy and clingy. .. not a good way to start a relationship. .. shows lack of confidence and self esteem issues

Trust me most confident women will see it as a complete turn off a deal breaker… Red flags of a potential possessive jealous man.

The guy is desperately looking for a wife or girl friend or is lonely and anybody who comes his way will just fit the bill… hence the rush with intimacy and marriage proposals without even getting to know you..needyman2

It takes patience and time…  to be on that level with someone  because then you get to know the person enough to take it a step further.. Then desperation is not doing the decision but  reason is making it for you..

so warning for guys next time you meet a girl that you like so much … play it cool show interest but don’t be obsessive and needy the “Mr nice guy”, “people pleaser” it only scares them away because of the pressure… only needy desperate women will fall for it… but is that what you really want?