How Do I find the space in between the tags.. when my whole money is tagged to one thing or the other


How can we learn to find  freedom within the space in between the tags.

I use to wake up each morning dreading the Monday meetings or Fridays! I ponder what will it be this time… what will my accountant and general manger say… the same old story or something nice to chew on…

OK so this very day I went with an open mind, no prejudice.. hoping it could be different today waiting for the litany of complaints to be read to me… apart from our usual creditors pulling their hair out demanding we pay on time and the annoying news that most money expected this month have all been tagged to my creditors… something new was on the list.. one of my most trusted staff has been stealing from me all these years and they had to let him go… I felt so sad at that news amongst others… it was like catching your lover who has been pretending to be good to you but behind your back has been cheating on you with your best friend that kind of feeling…

While the meeting was going on I started day dreaming.. the freedom to do whatever I like with my money without the tags… Is it expansion or enjoying myself and traveling the world with my backpack, going with my dear sister Julie and my son…

Guess it is the ebb and flow of all businesses, times and seasons, sewing and harvesting…. but how long does the sewing go on… I need to find the spaces in between the tags, because in reality its all about the moments.. I cannot wait for all the ducks to line up.. it is not a bed of roses a little bit of thorns here and there, but it is being able to touch the roses  every now and then without the thorns getting in the way and yes that is my motto..