Brief recap on last article, we defined Intuition as a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason. We also discussed Types of intuition which are…Intuitive seeing, Intuitive hearing, Intuitive feeling, Intuitive tasting and smelling, Intuitive knowing.

second part  of the series I will shade more light on what flaws our intuitive mind… The difference between the voices in our head which comes from our Ego or our intuitive voice which comes from our higher self…


8 ways our intuition can be flawed

(1) Fear

Genuine Intuition is based on Love, where flawed intuition is based on fear.  Our wounds and fears in our lives experiences have created a belief system that our subconscious mind programmes, these are feelings, thoughts, emotions held over a long period of time… Because of this programming our fear speaks to us to protect us from letting these things happen to us again… And most of these emotions are normally mistaken for genuine intuition.


With genuine Intuition you get a complete sense of knowing….a complete sense of feeling whole.  Flawed intuition will rationalize to figure out a solution and will leave you feeling unsure and wondering. Flawed intuition loves to build us up and then tear us down. If you ever hear a ‘but’ in your thinking that is doubt poking its ugly head in and causing fear. Ego is always working from the illusions of the past or the future…..it is NEVER in the NOW moment. When it is your Intuition there will be no ‘buts’ and you will not need any clarification.

(3)Justifying through logic

Usually if we get turned around in our thinking it is because our intuition has been flawed to come in and make us second guess our thoughts.  Flawed intuition will need to justify itself through logic and we will end up having a debate in our head to prove that it is right. Real intuition comes from the heart. We will feel joy and will not need any justification and there will be no fear. And usually if we debate with Intuition we will get the same answer over and over with no ‘buts’ or ‘what-ifs’.


Intuition guides you to help people…but when flawed it will take that and urge you to do it so you get notoriety. Typical example genuine Intuition guides you to write a song from your heart.   Flawed intuition wants you to write a song that will become a hit.  Genuine Intuition guides you to start a business that will help people.  Flawed intuition urges you to start a business to get rich and step on other people’s toes while you are at it.   Genuine or pure Intuition will guide you to forgive and flawed just wants revenge. Can you see the difference between the two? When you heed your Intuition you create inner peace, and Love. When it is flawed, you create fear and the need for more control.

(5)Need for control and outcome oriented

Flawed intuition loves to control the outcome of events; it needs to be in control unlike pure intuition that is neutral… Typical example you have an intuitive thought or experience to start up a business… Eventually the experience is tainted by the attachment to outcome… which is to make lots of money and not be patient enough for it to grow, we start trying to control the outcome by making sure it happens in our own timing.

(6)Wishful thinking

Sometimes our thoughts are wishful and we confuse them for intuitive thinking typical example, a guy called Deji believed that his intuition had told him that he would be a contestant on a TV game show and began to prepare. When he excitedly went to try out for the show, he was crushed when he was not chosen. When he examined his behaviour later, Deji realized that it was not true intuition, but his life-long desire to be on TV that was functioning.

(7)Never in the present moment always in the past

Flawed intuition gets stuck in the past; it can’t let go…it will use your past to project your future.  It shows obstacles and never a solution. Always a projection of judgment, blame, & criticism towards yourself  and others. Pure Intuition is direct and calm it will never promote fear. Intuition will make you feel peaceful and confident.

Typical example John thought that his intuition was telling him that Helen would dump him after three months of dating. Not wanting that to happen, John began to cling to the relationship as the dreaded prediction neared. John’s behaviour was so odd that Helen began to have doubts about their relationship. Without realizing it, John was projecting onto Helen because his last serious relationship ended when his partner suddenly dropped him

(8)Confusion…not consistent No peace

Intuition is repetitive and will say the same thing over and over…because it is true.  If flawed it will be all over the place and confusing, and can make you feel angry. You may even end up in an argument with yourself…that is because your Intuition and Ego are colliding with each other. Ego will try and interrupt your Intuition and that is because Ego doesn’t like change.


All of us are full of wishes and fears. When you open to intuitive images, it is important to be aware of how these wishes and fears can confuse your ability to identify true intuition. Look out for  the finale  on the intuition series…I will discuss ways to be more intuitive.