In Nigeria “nothing is done for free”, the culture here does not encourage it, when someone is being nice to you, you get suspicious, the person being nice ends up boasting to his friends that when he went beyond his call of duty he did not ask for anything… in quote ” I did it for free” because ‘nice’ without some form of remuneration is not the norm here.

where is my cut

Sometimes you hope the ‘nice person’ is genuine and you let your guard down, suddenly out of the blue you receive a phone call asking for an urgent meeting…. Guess what they suddenly had a change of heart asking for their “CUT” or an obligatory way to return their favour by emotionally blackmailing you or stop the so called niceness…. The “CUT” Sometimes comes in a way of a sob story “my sister / brother /mother is sick or death in the family blah, blah, blah”.

Most times the whole situation amazes me considering the amount of religious houses we have in every nook and corner…. I believe in these places they preach “LOVE”, being a service to mankind by loving your neighbour… How does this theory fit into “where is my CUT”. Hang on! In church when you give a lovely testimony on a financial blessing… You are obligated by the ‘ pastor’ to pay your tithes! Cough, cough… isn’t it between you and your God… don’t get me started.

Oops, the holy grail of where is my ‘CUT’, chasing government contracts… a story for another day.

In most developed countries a typical everyday example; you are in a train station carrying a heavy luggage someone just offers to help you from the bottom of their heart… not so in my dear country Nigeria, anyone that does that will be expecting a compulsory tip… if you forget to give them they will come back to remind you… The porters in our airports are “employed beggars” ring any bells…

It is the trend here accepted by the majority … It goes down to the workplace, churches, just to name a few. They all want a piece of the pie, even when its within their normal duties … Let’s look at this scenario; you send in an invoice to be paid the person processing it asks for his ‘CUT’ before he even looks at it… If you do not play ball he will start giving you some sob story “I’m sorry I cannot find your invoice” once you agree to his terms… your invoice will be the first to be looked at because he will see it as part of a regular income for himself… overtime he gets comfortable, thinking it’s a right instead of a privilege and start’s dictating the tone by asking for a percentage, the days it has to be paid and processing an invoice is part of his job description…. Come on! God help us all…

It is sad our country is this way… I call it bribery… the givers call it ‘business expenses…’ I guess they do not have a choice if they want to remain in business.

Our way of thinking needs to be re-examined by having a good soul searching session by questioning our motives, is it greed, poverty, or just habit that makes us accept this way of living and have a secret motto “ where is my CUT” I’m thinking…