Nigerians are one of the happiest people on the planet… What triggered this thought, when Robin Williams died I wondered how someone who had it all, made us laugh indeed, could suffer from depression and later take his own life. So sad yet so true!


It got me thinking, in the western culture we are taught to be self-reliant, no form of dependency on a higher self or God we are entirely in control of our destiny.

It’s scary and exciting to know we have total control of our life when things are good but when it is bad who do we run to?

Drugs, alcohol, sex, dreams of suicide…. Anything to norm the helplessness that is rooted within us… The only hope we have is in our own abilities, “our limited abilities”.

In Nigeria our good old dependant culture, even though the extremity of it encourages laziness but dependency placed in a balanced way, breeds hope even if its false, a believe that there is something or someone higher than us a god or God that can take care of all our problems when we have done our absolute best even if it’s false hope, it gives us the will to keep living, finding humour in any bad situation, a feeling of a brighter tomorrow…..  We love to shout from our roof tops “it go better!” a poor man’s prayer as some people say…..

When you live with some kind of hope it does make you a happier person no matter how bad things are, you know they will always be a better tomorrow.