I was tempted to beg you to stay… let’s work it out! Was all I could think of, but something within stopped me from saying my thoughts out loud and I chose to go along with your plans…. Wisdom I say….

A tiny voice spoke so strongly to my heart and re- echoed what I already knew…

No one can walk your path or tell you how to walk it… We all have our maps/Gps to follow and we must align ourselves accordingly.

We all have lessons to learn and each path takes us to the very lessons your soul needs on this earth plane… If I had managed to persuade you to stay your soul would have grieved that I took away your lessons and would have never forgiven me for it… it would have  manifested in our physical world as conflicts happening between us, which both of us won’t be able to explain… a Karmic debt to pay by me because I took away your valued asset… Your dear, dear lesson that would have opened doors of opportunities to grow and discover a whole new you.

We are all walking our own paths… people you encounter only serve as an inspiration, a guide, an example which you have the choice to follow. Because we are all unique in our own ways, if it worked for them it might not work for you…. That’s why it’s a choice

If you need to stop or make a U-turn, even if, for whatever reason, and rightly or wrongly, I can see what’s at the end of the road. I cannot tell you what road to take, where to turn because if I do that, I am depriving you of the lesson

We are all walking our own paths

Ultimately, I walk my own path, and you walk yours.

However way and whichever way you choose to take your path all I can do is send you my well wishes and good thoughts, for your path to be lighted and for you to be illuminated every step of the way….