We are taught in life that the end all and be all is being in a relationship or marriage, that’s the meaning of life and once you find this special person he or she will complete you and make you whole… the butterflies, the twist in the stomach, the person who will forever make you happy who will wave a magic wand and your life will be awesome and complete.

But the sad thing is that once you find that special person, you suddenly realise that the gap, the hole can never filled by the person, instead the gap gets wider and the hole gets deeper… you begin to wonder whether you met your soul mate or you chose the wrong person, so you go out and search again crying and screaming in your heart who can complete me! Who can take the pain away! Who can make my life magical! You meet someone again still it’s no better and you begin to ponder whether you will ever feel whole, complete and loved!

The mistake we make is that we are not taught to have a loving relationship with ourselves we are told time and time again that it’s only a love outside of ourselves that will complete us and make us feel safe so we spend our whole life journey seeking for this special person that will love us, make us whole and fill the emptiness within…… not knowing we already the love we seek…. The love is inside us. It’s never been outside! If we take the time to nurture and treat ourselves like our own best friend and best lover, we will find with time the feeling of wholeness, completeness and love….

Anyone entering or in our life will just be a bonus… only we have the key to our love… its inside… Just learn to make it grow…. Slowly the beauty of this love will radiate and fill the emptiness within and make us complete.