Why does the Ego make it its life mission to lock us in prison … it works relentlessly to keep us in bondage where there is no way out

the moment you allow the Ego to use its tentacles to latch on to eternal things for its very own identity that is the day you have giving yourself a life sentence, you have entered an invisible prison, a prison that has no boundaries, a prison you consciously not aware of only your soul feels the trap and it lies in anguish praying to get out…. the very nature of your soul is freedom! it screams and begs for freedom each time you attach yourself to material things….  when you lust for those things you have given it the key to your joy, your freedom, your happiness, your peace.

Your external world is so temporal its forever changing you can have everything you want and it’s gone with a twinkle of an eye, you can get bored with what you have, you can always want what you don’t have….. Dam! Not a place to find peace… enticing but a big Trap… an abyss that can never be filled, a vicious cycle I say…. When does it stop! On death? Life is never lived happily…. Forever wanting the next best thing, whatever it takes to fill this gaping hole… I wonder.

The only freedom is non-attachment to external things your truest freedom lies within your inner world that is where the soul is at peace nothing has any hold on it, nothing can hold it to ransom, just imagine not wanting or obsessing over your external world, you will open yourself to a better world… you truly embrace change, loses and seasons.

Earth is a school and lessons have to be learnt, it is a temporal place all the things are all subject to change… how can you give the key to your joy on things that can change, a big mistake, yes a big mistake! Once you learn how to tame the Ego, you find freedom,  life becomes more fun…. No matter what nothing or no one has the key to your freedom! unless you allow it