I stood in the long queue waiting to be put in one of the boxes lined up but each time i was thrown in one box I was either too big or small or it just didn’t fit.

Each box was labelled age, status, money, nationality, job, career, ethnicity, religion the list was endless… I shook my head from side to side.

But each time I was thrown in one of the boxes my head will pop out they tried so hard to force me into one! But for some reason my head, hands and legs just could not fit, they got frustrated…

I tried to explain to them that each box labelled has characteristics which I do not possess even if I am thrown in an age, status, or job box I will not act or behave the way society has conditioned us to… society pigeon holes all of us and we end up wearing a permanent mask and being a fake copy of who we truly are

I shouted make a box and label it Sandra Akuoma… in that box there are no preconceived way as to my character … i can truly be me… my true essence, no labels… just the way God made me … freedom to be my free-spirited self.