When you learn to trust the universe you access one of the many gifts: peace and joy. Learning to focus on the essence of what you want as opposed to the form is something to master. When putting a request out there we need to pay particular attention as to what functionality will this exact thing fulfil in our lives what feelings will it bring as opposed to the actual thing itself.

When asking the universe, let go of the details of how and when, remove yourself from self-will and resistance as to what is in the present moment. You should in no way concern yourself with the details as the universe is so rich and has a million ways of answering your request so do not limit it.

When you cling on to your way too tightly you lose out on many opportunities and also the gift of living in the present moment of the here and now

We have to learn to accept that everything is perfect the way it is at that given time, there are always reasons for things not to happen in a way or form especially when there are other parties involved. Learn to trust that everything happening right now is perfect and sit back and smell the roses by letting go and letting the universe deal with all the details.