One of the many things that bothers me in Nigeria is Jesus is called so many times but his way of life is seldom lived in practice. Corruption is the order of the day… Ego gratification is what’s preached in the pulpits. Lip service is given to spiritual richness. Where is the love for my neighbour? I beg the question…”

On Sundays the streets of Lagos are deserted. Everyone is in one church or the other. Hanging on to every word of what the pastor or priest says….. But come Monday corruption is the order of the day… I decided to investigate further by attending a couple of new age churches and to my utmost surprise I found out that more time preaching in the pulpit is given to the egocentric wealth as opposed to spiritual wealth. The preaching’s deal mostly with prosperity albeit prosperity. In a nutshell materialism is promoted in a large scale and the society here defines their true self with those things such as wealth, Status etc. Lip service is given to spiritual growth. The daily messages are all hidden in the famous Malachi 3v10 payment of tithes blah blah blah blah this sermon is actively preached and used to get the congregants into believing that God is a stockbroker, Father Christmas, investor etc. you name it. “If you pay your tithes you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams” I believe emphasis should be made on the way Christ lived, not just in calling his name for gifts from God. The true essence of Christ life, demonstration of it should be emphasised hard enough and drummed into the ears of the congregants… Christianity does not have to end in the church on a Sunday or a prayer meeting during the week it has to be a way of life… We should take it to our offices, homes, schools, neighbours etc. We should demonstrate love by being a service to mankind in every way not focus too much on the material things. Money is a means to an end not the end all and be all

From my understanding it is not the president that will save Nigeria but the religious men who shout or preach in the pulpits by changing their sermons and focusing more on love and spiritual wealth, with that we can take the new preaching and live by example. As Mahatma Gandhi said “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Then gradually we will see a shift in our country Nigeria for the better it all starts with you.

A thousand steps started with one step