Love that saying I was with a friend one day and I mentioned that the bible is very literal and not practical in it’s approach to life. She stopped me and said the bible is one of the most practical books in our today’s society and that made me think… Of course it’s practical but we are too involved in the literal interpretation and normally forget the essence of the stories. I belong to a school of thought that shouts from the rooftop “have an open mind!!!!!!” our society heavily resists this and definitely not tolerant of other people’s views, cultures, idiosyncrasies, etc. Yet they are the ones that go to church regularly and pass judgement with so much ease. Even Jesus told us not to ever judge anyone and that is an authority of having an open mind.

Everyone has a story we are all coming from somewhere. Before labelling, judging or pigeon holing we should try walking in their shoes, possess their DNA, have their characteristics, educational background and culture… we might act or behave the way they do… so please hold your tongue and your thoughts before passing any comment as we all have different views of the world.

A man with jaundice will see the world yellow. Who are we to say he is wrong and we are right… like the bible says “JUDGE NOT”. Just have an open mind and see the world in different colours not black and white, listen to other people’s point of view you never know you might learn a thing or two.