Every morning when I wake up I always have this passage from the bible in my head

“Trust in the lord with all your heart lean not in your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight” (proverbs 3: 5-6)

I quote this passage as a mantra every day I wake up in the morning but have not really analysed or deeply reflected on it.

I decided to do that today and hence came up with the question… Do we really trust God? It’s so easy to quote or say stuff but to put it in practise is another ball game.

To really trust God is to Let Go of your timing, way, and finally your schedule as to how your day is going to turn out or your prayers are going to be answered. In other words it’s not getting involved with the details of the how, when and why.

It’s actually saying with confidence God let your will be done not mine….. It is accepting not grumbling, worrying, getting frustrated or start blaming the devil when things do not go our way. We should remember that nothing happens without the will of God… he allows our trials and challenges to help us grow, build character. He also allows detours so our steps can be directed in another way.

If we can place our hands on our chest and Say we truly trust him and not feel disappointment or frustrated when things don’t go our way or just go with the flow knowing that God sees the bigger picture not us then we really trust God. Remember he orders our steps, he might close a door here and there and open a new one. If we are not open minded and do not go with the flow we will never see the new doors or opportunities in our lives. We will never enjoy the present moment and we will always be living in some future that is not certain or past that is history.

We have to trust him with the nitty gritty in our lives and every fibre of ourselves down to the pants we are going to wear… even when he says “NO, WAIT or I HAVE A BETTER PLAN….” it’s not that you should not have your own plan, have it but always let God’s will be done . If it does not go in the way you wanted… don’t try to force doors open cause it only leads to stress and frustration just relax and go with the flow of life. Let God take care of things and order our steps and we should remember to enjoy the present moment of the here and the now.