When will it be my turn to laugh as loud as I can, no excuses just the freedom to be me without being labelled and judged, the freedom to even accept myself without caring what people think.

The freedom to accept people as they are without trying to mould or force them to be a certain way. The freedom to accept the way life is presenting itself being in the moment and not forcing doors or outcomes to happen in a certain way.

The freedom to unconditionally love without playing mind games or manipulating. The freedom to love without the fear of getting hurt. The freedom to be truly, truly myself. When will it be?

The freedom to go with the flow of life, smelling the roses as I go along, being present ever so present… not escaping into some futuristic living or historic past through the power of the mind. Just being in the timeless now connecting with higher self and feeling the love of God coming right through me.

Sharing this divine love with the universe by following the passion of my soul without being scared taking regular trips down the rabbit hole, leaving my comfort zone and having a whole new experience of life.

Seeing life like a child, not ever judging but experiencing things anew, a whole new world new horizons to pursue, yes a whole new dimension, life of excitement, getting away from the trap of labelling, judging and pigeon holing .

So our soul cries on a daily basis “When will it be my turn!”