Imperfection creates opportunities for growth so don’t beat yourself that your job, relationship or circumstances are not the way we want them to be… perfection really only exist in the mind it is an ideal world… it can’t exist in our imperfect world and guess what… what is perfect for you might not be perfect for another… so who defines perfection: media, society, government, religion, or our parents? Considering we are all unique beings, we might not all see perfection in the same way.

So we should celebrate our imperfections and see them as room for growth a door to new opportunities a way to go with the constant flow of change as we are never static, we are always changing every day in every way we have to accept and not resist change 90 % of the time it comes through growth.

Like Wallace Stevens said “the imperfect is our paradise” so embrace your imperfections and be grateful for having them.