This blog is to help people to change the way they look at situations so they develop new, more-effective thought processes by thinking outside the box.

Life pointers is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives, replacing damaging belief systems about ourselves and the world with more positive and productive beliefs and introducing practical philosophy in our everyday life. complete with  our responsibilities,  our struggles,  our dreams, and our relationships.

In our fast paced world, it’s not difficult to access information. It comes at you at breakneck speed. Articles, blog posts, status updates, tweets—there’s never a shortage of ideas to consider.

Gaining knowledge isn’t a problem. Applying it, on the other hand, is a lot more challenging, especially when you consider how little time we have throughout our busy days to stop, breathe, and just be and join me in this journey.


36 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great work from you, more grease to your elbow, am inspired, bless you!!!

  2. Francis Stephen said:

    I’m always inspired whenever I listen to you

  3. love dis show keep it up @sandra

  4. Hello Sandra,i m in love with ur program on the radio girl,,keep it up

  5. I need articles on relationship…….

    • I really don’t do so much on love relationships.. I specialise more on having a better relationship with yourself.. being a more fulfilled person helps you deal with crises that come on all areas of your life… including love relationships…. go through my posts I’m sure you see a lot of what you are looking for.. They are pointers to answers within us

  6. Emeka Akwunwa said:

    Sandra, your ideology on sensitive issues in discuss inspire me a lot. Stick to selling your view to people, those who are not surface thinkers but reason in dept will always appreciate it.

  7. AWE OLABODE OLU said:

    U’ve spoken well this morning; my sister,more grease to ur elbow……nice one

  8. Nice work, Sandra. Inspiring and life changing. Thanks for your concept, its unique.

  9. nice one, keep it up.

  10. Benedict said:

    Thank you Sandra. I appreciate what you doing. How can I get the part 1 of the MC please?

    • You are welcome Benedict…. If you go on to the present article on Martyr Complex(2) on the first paragraph there is a link that will take you straight to Part 1 of Martyr complex… If you have any issues let me know

  11. Ijeoma Anizoba said:

    A good one and so inspiring. Kudos for a job well dome. May God increase you as you touch lives

  12. Ijeoma Anizoba said:

    Well done for a good job aunty sandra. May the good Lord increase you more as you bless lives.

  13. Well done Sandra, discovered most of what you said by myself a little late in life though, and I’m happy you are helping people to know, I am proud of you, I listen to you on Nigeria Info in the morning, keep up the good work

  14. oladipupo said:

    Thank u very much Sandra, what an inspiring articles, am glad I tuned in did morning, more grease to ur elbow

  15. Very nice piece. It’s a bit shameful that it’s becoming a thing or is a thing. Makes me wonder how the opposite applies here if women also shirk responsibility in the name of being a housewife. Not trying to argue equality though, just a thought.

    I especially like the mantra. Far too many people chasing unstable income on on the steam of dreams and passions and hobbies.

    • Definitely it does work both ways… women should have a career to support their men so the strain won’t be on one person…. I think people forget that their hobby,dreams does not have to be a source of income… If it does become that then take it as a bonus… That is where they miss the point and resent anyone that points out that tiny detail to them..

  16. Ola Smith said:

    I believe it’s only fair that people learn to carry their weight especially in relationship. It should be the guiding principle.

  17. Hi Sandy am in love with your program on 99.3! Keep it up girl, your voice is so sweet.

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